Mt Zion Baptist Church of Library

 Good Friday

Mt. Zion, Sunrise and First Baptist Finleyville

"Community Service"

Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross

Solo - Traci Green (First Baptist Church of Finleyville) 

Song_Oh Lamb of God.mp3

First Word - Rev. Elmore Lockley

"Forgive Them for they know not what they do" 

"Forgiving Spiritual Blindness"

Forgiving Spiritual Blindness.mp3

Second Word - Rev. Pat O'Kelley (Sunrise Baptist Church) 

Today Thou Shall Be With me in Paradise

Second Word of Christ on Cross.mp3

 Third Word - Rev. Leslie Baltimore

Woman Behold Thy Son



Fourth Word - Minister Thomas Taylor 

"My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me"

My God My God Why Has Thou Forsaken Me.mp3

Fifth Word - Minister Coni Hainsworth

"I Thirst" 

I Thirst.mp3

Sixth Word - Minister Diane Wells

"It Is Finished" 

It Is Finished.mp3

Seventh Word - Rev. Timothy Robinson

"Father into thy hands I commend my spirit" 

Into Thy Hand I Commend My Spirit.mp3